The samples you sent are the best product we've had here.
Great splash resistance and fragrance.
We would like to continue using the Splash Hog in our establishment, Thank you!" Keith Stanton of Chieftain's Restaurant and Bar. Cobleskill, New York

Thank you for sending me the samples. I got them and I am using them.
They both working perfectly. You guys doing great job. For your products, I cannot say less then excellent.
I would like to buy your products and I will recommend you guys to my friends who ownes restaurants." Hamit Kilic, GALATA TURKISH CUISINE

Marcus Hotels has been evaluating different urinal mats and urinal splash mats for the past few months and it came up that WizKid had the overall best program for our hotels. We’re also now looking at putting them in our theatres over the next few months.
Reasons Marcus went with WizKid:
  • Overall cost
  • Functionality of product – Antimicrobial
  • No splashing out of urinals
  • Urinal mats don’t turn into water balloons like other similar products
  • Ease of use
  • Longevity of product
  • Eliminated the odor in our bathrooms
  • Eliminates the possible urine stains and discoloring of tile
The Pfizer Hotel in Milwaukee
Corporate Director, Procurement, Marcus Corporation

The Splash Hog is performing great. Reduced splash and good smell. In fact, the first one I put in lasted two months!
Great product!" Jude, Chick-Fil-A, Miramar

All I can tell you is that we we’re happy with the product.  It performed as advertised and the price was right." Stephen R., Telluride Ski and Golf

WizKid Mats have not only changed the appearance of our restrooms providing a professional clean look but have helped us provide an easy to clean, safe, and dry environment for our bowlers." Frank W., Rab’s Country Lanes

WizKid mats protect our floors from puddles, stains, and odors!" Chris W., The Packing House

The WizKid mats are a simple solution that combine the perfect combination of functionality and effectiveness. As a business operator maintaining public spaces is a constant battle. By using the WizKid mats I can be confident that these areas are in good working order. Sometimes it's the small thing your guests DON'T notice that leaves the lasting impression. I will be a customer as long as I'm in the service industry. It's so easy and so effective, it’s a great product." Ari D., Karma Bar & Grill

My two little boys may be potty trained but it doesn't mean they have good aim - I needed the WizKid to keep my floors clean." Donna

We had to address urine problems in our restroom every time we turned around. Now with the WizKid we have a program that is winning." Nate

I don't know who appreciates the WizKid more, the person who doesn't stand in urine or the one who doesn't have to clean it up." Bill

I like the fact that our restrooms don't have an odor anymore." John

The WizKid definitely upgraded our restrooms." David