WizKid Splash Hog

The Splash Hog

The New and Advanced Splash Hog is a highly functioning urinal screen that stops splash back where guys actually go, deodorizes the restroom for sixty days. It now has an added curve, giving it a more sexy appeal.

WizKid Splash Hog

The Technology behind WizKid Splash Hog

One of the changes in society is that people are expecting cleaner healthier environments. This is especially true in the restroom.

Advances have been made in the plastic’s industry that have allowed us to infuse fragrances into injection molded products.

The most troubling challenge is to keep urine in the urinal. The little ‘cakes’ of years ago helped with the odor, the plastic discs have improved the odors greatly and stopped some splash back but the problem is men usually do not pee into the bottom of the urinal they pee on the back wall of the urinal.

That’s were we focused our attention and developed the splash hog. The bristles reduce the splash back, deodorizes the room for up to 60 days.

WizKid Splash Hog

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