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The E3 is exclusively produced for Distributors and Contract cleaners.

This innovative design is ideal for placement underneath any urinal and the purposely shaped E3 mat can be rotated via the three sides between scheduled cleanings, enhancing longevity. The E3 mat is antimicrobial, eliminating odors and avoiding unsightly urine puddles by collecting the accidental misses. All in all, the E3 mat creates a fresher smelling restroom and protects your restroom floors.

Using the E3 protects, saves money, saves time but also looks the business. When you enter a restroom with the mats firmly placed underneath each urinal, (thanks to the anti-skid and gripped backing), you know this company cares and knows how to clean a restroom, it’s the smart move. Order you’re your master case of 80 mats now call 954-323-2485.

Attention Contract Cleaners! The competition is fierce out there and you need to stand out as the most Efficient, Effective and Economical, that’s why the E3 mat is tailor made for you. Simply using the mats means you have solved the problem of smell, urine stains, slippery surfaces and you have now cut down on cleaning time making more time for more business. You need the right tools to do the job properly. Wizkid Products provides these products for exceptional results.

Why not add even more protection to your restroom and pair up with another WizKid Product, the Splash Hog. This Urinal screen reduces splash back and is also a deodorizer, so while the E3 mat repels the odor of urine, the Splash Hog will deodorize your entire restroom. Interestingly, the Splash Hog could be regarded as educational. It changes color upon urine contact, so target practice comes in to play.

At Wizkid Products we are confident and proud to bring you the One, Two Solution to complete Restroom Care…

Why Use the E3mat?

  • Antimicrobial Protection
  • Eliminates Puddles
  • Protects Flooring
  • Anti-skid backing
  • Mantains its appearance
  • Lasts up to a month

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