Let us introduce you to our most successful product : WizKid Antimicrobial Mat

How does the WizKid Mat work?

Each bathroom mat is loaded with strong antimicrobial fibers which inhibit the bacteria from growing and spreading. The polypropylene fibers allow the urine to air dry after neutralizing the odor causing enzymes.

The Colors

You can opt for the colors that suit your decor, with distinct designs specially made for urinals, toilets, sinks & hand dryers. There are four colors to choose from that will either match or compliment your flooring design.

How long does a WizKid Mat last?

We suggest to replace the WizKid once a month. Ordering is easy and affordable from Order page.

The Maintenance

None - Just mop around the Urinal Mats as needed. If they get wet after mopping, it’s OK as they are designed to air dry like your entrance mat.

The Shape

Regardless of its shape, each of our WizKid Mats are designed to protect the floor from bacteria and odors that originate in urine. The antimicrobial is built into the fibers and stops the enzymes that create odors. The fibers quickly air dry and the backing grips the floor. You can opt for the: WizKid Original Cut, WizKid Diamond Cut, WizKid Commode, WizKid Big 'A' or WizKid Sink/Towel Mat.

As good as a restaurant may be, meaning great food and atmosphere, good prices and outstanding services, if the restroom is dirty or loaded with overpowering odors clients won’t be coming back to dine. Same thing is valid for stores or theaters or even in casinos. The restroom perception can derail an entire experience. In fact, dirty restrooms are a top reason why Americans will leave your business; and that’s because clean restrooms are an indicator of your cleanliness program.

Our products - WizKid Mats are precautionary tools that prevent puddling under urinals which can lead to future odor problems. Left untreated, urine deposits will not only smell bad, but they can cause lasting damage to floors. When urine is allowed to puddle under fixtures, the uric acid and uric salts found in the urine can damage the floor finish or seep into grout, stone and wood floors, causing irreparable damage.

Also, puddles left on the floor aren't just unsightly and unsanitary, but they are also unsafe - users walking by can slip and fall on the wet floor. WizKid bathroom mats are ADA compliant and provide another layer of safety in the restroom.

So, it is essential that facilities improve restroom appearance with urinal mats, which can also help guarantee a cleaner, fresher and safer restroom.

Regardless of style, all urinal mats have the same purpose — to create a better restroom experience for building occupants.

Daily mopping doesn't fix the problem of continual drippings on the floor – the WizKid Mat does.

What does a WizKid actually do in your restroom?

  • keeps your floors dry
  • speeds up restroom maintenance
  • stop odors
  • lasts up to a month
  • disposable
  • stops the spread of germs
  • protects your floor

You have the option to choose the colors that suit your decor, with distinct designs specially made for urinals, toilets, sinks & hand dryers.

Keep in mind that customers judge you by the cleanliness of your restroom. If your restroom is in poor shape then it is obviously assumed that the rest of your business is in poor shape, too.

Why harm your business by neglecting restroom cleanliness?

Order today and keep your restroom at an excellent level of cleanliness and freshness with WizKid.


Where am I able to purchase WizKid mats?
Where is WizKid manufactured?
Do the mats show urine stains?
Will the mats slide around on my hard floor? If they don’t how do they stay in place.
What happens with the urine that falls onto the mat?
Will the mats smell once they have urine on them?
How long do the mats last?
How do I dispose of the mats?

We prefer to sell our mats through a distributor. We have 100’s of distributors throughout the US. Please contact us and we will get you set up through a distributor. We also offer them through our website.

WizKid is manufactured and distributed from Dalton, GA.

The way that the fibers are designed none of the colors will show any urine stains.

The mats are designed with a shurblend rubber backing to grip the floor and not slide around.

The mats have an anti-absorbing fiber that allows any liquid to dissipate across the mat. The fibers then allow for rapid drying with the natural airflow in the bathroom.

The mats are imbedded with an antimicrobial that breaks down the enzymes in urine that cause bad odor.

The mats will last up to 30 days depending on the traffic of your business.
Examples: Office Building – 30 days, Casino – 1-2 weeks, Restaurant – 2-4 weeks.
It is best to do a trial run with the first couple of uses.

The mats are pliable and are able to be folded up. You then are able to dispose of them in any garbage can or bag.