About Wizkid Antimicrobial Mat

Wizkid Antimicrobial Mat

Let us introduce you to our most successful product: WizKid Antimicrobial Mat. Order today and keep your restroom at an excellent level of cleanliness and freshness with WizKid.

About WizKid Splash Hog

WizKid Splash Hog

The New and Advanced Splash Hog is a highly functioning urinal screen that stops splash back where guys actually go, deodorizes the restroom for sixty days. It now has an added curve, giving it a more sexy appeal.

About E3mat

WizKid E3mat

The E3 is exclusively produced for Distributors and Contract cleaners.

This innovative design is ideal for placement underneath any urinal and the purposely shaped E3 mat can be rotated via the three sides between scheduled cleanings, enhancing longevity.

The E3 mat is antimicrobial, eliminating odors and avoiding unsightly urine puddles by collecting the accidental misses. All in all, the E3 mat creates a fresher smelling restroom and protects your restroom floors.